25 July 2013

Silent Deceit (Black Force Renegades .5)
by Kallie Lane.
Audience/Genre: Suspense, Romance.
Publication: April 30th 2013 by Self Published.
A stand-alone novella (24,000 words) in the Black Force Renegades series!

When undercover cop Natasha Roberts sets out on her own to find her missing brother, the trail leads to a biker bar where one false move will get her killed. Skip McQuade doesn't like her chances for survival, and forces her to trust him. Together they continue the search while fighting the passion between them. Will they find her brother and stop a killer in time?

Reviewed by Kelly.

This is, I guess, a novella to introduce us to the world that belongs to the Black Force Renegades. We get introduced to cops long undercover. Skip and Natasha have known each other for a long time. Natasha just didn’t know that Skip was also undercover until just now. Her boss, Blue, just informed her after finding her going rogue undercover to find her corrupt brother. Natasha’s brother went missing after talking to her one night, she still loves him, knowing that he was in deep manure. Blue is mad at Natasha and tells her she can stay on the case but she is not in charge anymore.

This isn’t just some ordinary undercover op. This place has gangs and everything illegal you can imagine. Natasha works as a bartender for Deuce. Deuce’s place is neutral ground for anyone coming in. One wrong move and you could end up dead.

Deuce's place gets wrecked by a tree from a storm. This is their chance to find out what is going on. There is nonstop action to find Natasha's brother and evidence to put Deuce away.

Skip and Natasha have liked each other for a long time. That is a problem for me because maybe they knew each other before, but I didn’t feel it. It just seemed like instalove and I can’t wait to get in your pants. Sorry, just not feeling it.

So as much as the action and mystery involved in the set up to a series was good, it was just ok for me.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Kelly! I just grabbed a copy. Sounds like it could be a good series. Interesting at least :)

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