06 July 2013

I Have A Question

I think I might make this a weekly thing. Because I have lots of questions to see how everyone else blogs. And, I am new to this world. Well to the blogging world. I have written reviews on goodreads.

My question this week is- How do you like to read sequels? Do you read them when they come out or do you like to wait until the next book or all the books come out?

I forget alot of the little details when I wait. I do write notes to keep but sometimes I don't put things down thinking that I will remember it. Of course, I don't. Some series I am so connected to, I remember them vividly and I have no problem remembering.

I also hate waiting!! I hate cliffhangers to wait for as well. I mean, that works because I remember how frustrated I felt at the ending. Grrr.... I see that alot on my reviews when I have to wait.

So tell me- how do you like to read sequels?.....


  1. I love reading sequels and I really, really want to wait till they are all released so I can read them all at once but I'm just not that patient! So I usually read one and then wait, impatiently, for the next one! LOL

    1. I love it! I am glad I am not the only one. LOL

  2. I'm like books4me. LOL I've never waited for the sequels to come out before I tried a book, and I don't think I ever *could* wait that long to try something that sounds interesting to me. But it's soooo frustrating to finish a great book and not have the next one available. It's ideal when I come into a series late (like the Grave Witch series) and can get at least the next couple of books right away.

    Some series are just too great and too long running, like the Dresden Files. I could never have waited for 20 books to come out before reading them all. I devour each one the day I get it. But I do have trouble remembering things that happened in previous books, which is probably why a lot of people will re-read series that they love.

  3. I love to read them as soon as they come out, but sometimes I get so busy that I can't. And then at that point, I kind of like to wait until they are all out if it is a trilogy or similar.

  4. Well Kelly more or less all of us are in the same situation. I'd love to wait until the whole series is out and then to read it, but once one highly expected book is out and I got it I simply can't. Luckily I have a relatively good memory so I remember a lot of things. For those that I don't remember nothing I know aren't worth as I thought at the start. :)

  5. Mostly I like to read horror and mysteries but will delve into other genre if a book sounds interesting. I like both stand alones and series but hate to read series out of order.

  6. I never read a series until it's finished and I have all the books. I just want to be able to remember everything that happens. It's hard having to wait sometimes though!!