21 June 2013

Blog Tour: Suddenly Beautiful by Boone Brux (Review + Giveaway)

Suddenly Beautiful by Boone Brux.
Audience/Genre: Adult/Paranormal Romance.
Publication: June 10th, 2013 by Covet (Entangled Publishing).
Being the son of Aphrodite isn’t a walk in the clouds. Rebelling against his demi-god status, billionaire make-up mogul Toraos Stephanos fights to separate his personal life and the immortal world by swearing off demi-god girlfriends forever. Too bad his newest employee can't take the hint.

Though Nikki secretly pines for her smoking hot boss, no way will she jeopardize her job and independence professing her love to a guy so clearly out of her league. Too bad that leaves her with only imagining him naked and thinking evil thoughts about the new girl.

After a single bottle of Ambrosia and one night of passion... Nikki finally thinks she has a chance with the man of her dreams. But the next morning, Tor pretends like nothing happened, leaving Nikki with an emerging drive for combat—after all, turns out she is the daughter of Ares and she's about to make her mama proud.
All is fair in love and war... and Nikki's not about to let anyone forget it.

Reviewed by Kelly.

This story is just so danged cute! I found myself giggling on the first page. Nikki is a demigoddess. The thing is – she doesn’t know it yet. She is the daughter of Ares, the god of war and Azzura, a famous model for the competition. Nikki was only raised by her mother who wasn’t really there for Nikki. Azzura was more into herself. Nikki’s father was totally absent. Nikki is adorable and funny. She has worked as the assistant to Tor, the very desirable big man of Kythera Cosmetics, for 6 years. She has loved him from afar for the whole time. She knows his every move and actions to avoid women’s attempts to get him under their grasp. She is a sweet and caring person and has been an excellent assistant.

Tor is the son of Aphrodite. His mother was around his whole life and could be a little meddling in her son’s affairs. He is the desire of every woman that lays eyes on him. He is totally swoon worthy and has sworn of dating demigoddesses with their drama. He knows Nikki is a demigoddess and is aware she doesn’t know it. He runs the company. The company has many demigoddesses working there. It is forbidden to tell Nikki who she is.

This brings me to Demi. She is the attorney in the legal department and out for Tor. She wants him bad and will do anything to get him and make sure Nikki doesn’t. She really is a witch with a capital B! Darn, I almost posted a spoiler. There is a dinner with drinks that Demi only allows Tor to drink.

That’s when things get busy with Tor and Nikki; in the elevator and in his penthouse! Nikki can’t believe this is happening to her. She wakes up early and goes home before he wakes up. She arrives at work only to discover that he doesn’t remember anything. WHAT? After a night like that?? Nikki is heartbroken and confused. She is also starting to be able to hear thoughts of others in her head and causing some of her mean thoughts about Demi to come to pass.

Then there are so many different things happening to keep Tor and Nikki apart. So many misunderstandings and lots of Demi getting her two cents in. Nikki learns who she is from Tor and Nikki decides to fight for what she wants. You can’t help but laugh. I love what she does with her newfound powers. And when she does meet her father; well she’s definitely her father’s daughter!!

This book flows so easily and you fall in love with Tor, Nikki and everyone else. Well, Not with Demi. I can definitely see me reading this book again. Tor is definitely a book boyfriend. It was predictable at times but the writing more than makes up for it. I am not really into mythology but Tor made me interested!

Let me share some of it with you; this is the beginning

Holy Mary, mother of God, the man was half-naked.

Flawless, tan skin stretched across a perfect muscular back. Her boss, Tor, oozed more sex appeal than any man had the right to possess- especially around her. After six years of working at Kythera Cosmetics, she still lusted for him as much as she had the day she started. Were her thighs actually sweating?

Nikki snapped her gaping mouth closed and squeezed her lids shut. The dirty little desires she normally kept tucked away tumbled throughout her mind. Once again, she screwed her contrived disinterest in place and opened her eyes.

“Wednesday is great.” Tor turned and flashed his impressive eight pack as he waved her inside with the shirt he held in his hand. “I can’t foresee any problems.”

For the love of God, man, cover up.

And later:

In reality, she wasn't sure why she struggled so hard to hide her interest. The man never thought about anything other than work. She could probably dry hump his leg and he'd tell her to file something while she was down there.

Just wait and see what she does to Demi!

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As a multi-published and an award winning author, Boone's writing drips with experiences from real life. Addicted to anything that might make a good story, she weaves tales that range from dark fantasy to humorous romance. Settled in the icy regions of Alaska with the love of her life and twin daughters, it's not uncommon to find her tapping away on her iPad on a windy beach or the barren tundra. Be warned, anyone and everything is fodder for one of Boone's novels.

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  2. Aw it does sound cute. The cover even has the cute feel to it. I've read a couple from Boone and loved them. Looking forward to trying this one too!

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