22 April 2013

A Riveting Affair by Candace Havens, Lily Land and Patricia Eimer (Excerpts + Giveaway)

I'm pretty stoked to be a part of this tour. I've 2 excerpts from an anthology, namely, A Riveting Affair by Candace Havens, Lily Land and Patricia Eimer for you guys and also an awesome Barnes & Noble and Amazon Giftcard(s) giveaway!

A Riveting Affair by Candace Havens, Lily Land and Patricia Eimer
Audience/Genre: Adult/Steampunk Anthology
Publication: March 2013 by Entangled Publishing
Beauty and The Clockwork Beast by Lily Lang
Rose Verney wants to fulfill her father’s dying request: to complete construction of the teleportation device he designed. Knowing just who can help her succeed, she seeks out Sebastian Cavendish, her father’s brilliant former student.
Sebastian hasn’t left his home since he returned from the Civil War. He’s a broken man, his prosthetics a reminder of the terrible destruction his inventions brought to the battlefield. He wants nothing to do with Rose and her father’s masterpiece, but when she barges into his abandoned lab and begins construction, it’s everything he can do to resist getting involved. Especially when she charms her way into his monstrous heart.

Demon Express by Candace Havens
Professor Maisy Clark, professional demon hunter, is on the trail of an evil scientist responsible for the deaths of hundreds. Julian is worse than the monsters he creates, but he’s also obsessed with Maisy and willing to kill anyone who gets too close to her.
Just when she thinks she has Julian cornered, the sexy marshall Jake Calloway insists the investigation is his, and everything goes to hell. Maisy came to Texas to corner the scientist whose macabre experiments have taken so many lives, and Calloway is just another distraction she doesn’t need. Julian is her responsibility, one she’s not about to share. Even if Calloway can help, Julian will know Maisy is falling for the marshall, and she’s not willing to risk his life.

The Clockwork Bride by Patrica Eimer
When engineer Aida Mulvaney attends a masquerade ball at the home of a staunch Luddite earl with a personal vendetta against her father’s company, she doesn’t expect to end the night married to the earl’s son Julian Capshaw, a brilliant engineer in his own right. The marriage will allow both of them to pursue their love of science, without interfering parents and ridiculous social stigmas. Though they escape to the Continent to start new lives, Julian’s father will have none of his heir’s disobedience. Before long, a marriage begun for the sake of convenience becomes a union of passion, but will it survive the machinations of an earl determined to destroy everything they love?

If you'd like to check out an excerpt from Demon Excerpt by Candace Havens, head over to The Bawdy Book Blog on the 23rd!

The Clockwork Bride by Patricia Eimer

My captor tugged at my hand again, almost towing me across the dance floor and away from Lord Capshaw. We were swallowed by the indifferent crowd, who’d all focused on our host’s revelation.
“What are you doing?” I asked under my breath, shocked that he had the audacity to manhandle me in the middle of ball like I was some serving girl in a dockside bar.
“Making my escape,” the man said and swept me through the door into a dimly lit hallway. Tightening his grip, he dragged me toward an alcove at the far corner. “Now hush, you don’t want to make a scene. People might talk.”
“Stop it!” I tried to subtly jerk backwards. “Let go of me this instant or I swear I shall scream. I don’t care who finds us or whether they decide to gossip about it later.”
Instead of answering, he released my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist, lifting me bodily and carrying me into the alcove, pulling the heavy blue curtain closed and planting his lips roughly against mine. Currents sparked when our lips touched, and I was suddenly much warmer than I had been moments before. My knees wobbled, and my toes curled. His fingers tangled into the elaborate twists of my curly auburn hair and tugged at the pins. Instead of pushing away I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He stepped deeper into the alcove, his lips still tight against mine, and pressed me against the back wall.
Whatever had inspired him to escape the ballroom and pull me into this secluded spot, I couldn’t say that I was terribly upset about it. Whoever my captive was, he happened to be an excellent kisser and my head swam from the feel of his lips on mine.
After a moment, he slowed his assault and gave me a gentle, close-mouthed kiss on the side of my lips before pulling back completely to stare at me. Before I could do more than bring my trembling fingers up to touch my swollen lips, and try to catalog exactly what had been so amazing about this mysterious man’s kiss, he grabbed the side of my crooked mask, pulling it off of my face.

Beauty and The Clockwork Beast by Lily Lang

She spent the morning cleaning and oiling the clockwork servants, and then sent them off, one by one, pushing them out into the corridor and watching as they obediently swept up the debris, cleared away dust, and shook out the curtains in the halls. She paused only to sneeze several times in rapid succession.
When she had released all but three malfunctioning automatons into the house, Rose turned back to the room. It would do for a laboratory, she decided. It certainly had enough space and light.
Though she intended for the clockwork servants to do much of the cleaning, she would have to sort through the debris herself. She certainly couldn’t depend upon a machine to separate the still-useful and usable parts and tools from the junk.
It was well into the afternoon before she had gathered all the items to be discarded into the hot air balloon basket and attached it to the back of a garbage disposal automaton, which obediently dragged it out of the room and down the servants' stairs.
Some part of her was surprised that Sebastian hadn’t yet heard the commotion made by the various clockwork servants now cleaning the mansion, but she was nevertheless grateful. She suspected that when he did realize what was happening, he would be furious.
When at last she had organized the various tools and materials that remained, she marshaled the last of the automatons and set them to work within the laboratory itself.
She had just released a mechanical broom when the door swung open with a bang. The cat hissed. She looked up, her heart pounding so rapidly her blood roared in her ears. A strange, shameful thrill of anticipation ran through her. Sebastian stood in the doorway, his hair still rumpled from sleep.
He did not, however, look happy to see her.
“What the hell do you think you're doing?”

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