18 January 2013

Blog Tour : If You Believe in Me by Natalie J. Damschroder (Excerpt + Giveaway)

If You Believe in Me by Natalie J. Damschroder.
Audience/Genre : Women/Category Romance.
Publication : December 18th 2012 by Entangled Publishing.
Three years ago, Amber Benedict fell in love with Kale Riker and pledged to wait for him to return from military service. Even though she rarely hears from him, she’s steadfast in her belief: he’s coming home to her, and soon. Then the government tells Kale’s family that he’s missing in action, and the Rikers have given him up for dead. Now the entire town is set on convincing Amber to let go of a dead man and move on.

Amber is certain Kale is still alive and on his way home, but can she hold out against an entire town pushing her to give up on love?

Today's Kindle and Me's stop in the If You Believe in Me Blog Tour! I've an excerpt and an e-book giveaway for you guys. Thanks to Natalie & Entangled Publishing for providing the excerpt and a giveaway copy! :)


The sun blazed out of a pale sky, bouncing off rocks and sand, radiating in every direction. Kale, prone between a boulder and a ragged rock face, hadn’t moved in so long he thought his body might literally be cooked. The breeze that kicked up every so often did nothing more than blow sand in his face.

He blinked dust out of his eyes and repositioned the binoculars. His index finger nudged the focus button until his view into the shack’s window was crisp.

Their mission target reportedly had a mole directly below the right corner of his mouth and a scar bisecting his left eyebrow. Both identifying marks were clear on the man centered in Kale’s glasses. Thank God. He was so done with all of this. Done with the sand, the heat, the setbacks. Done with the shadow world he’d lived in for far too long.

Their last two missions had resulted in the capture of two warlords who had been terrorizing locals and the humanitarian groups trying to bring them food and medicine. Those successes had spoiled Kale and his team. They’d expected this mission to go the same way. Easy in, easy out, leaving this part of the world a marginally better place.

He should have known better. Completing this mission would get Kale home. So of course it was FUBAR from the get-go. Bad intel, malfunctioning equipment, a freaking flu sweeping through the team. You name it, it had bitten them in the ass.

But not this time.

So focus, asshole. They’d finally found the tangos they were tasked to bring in. Bad enough the predicted window meant they had to do this during the day. He had damned well better not fuck it up just because he could only think about Christmas and the plan he’d refined in his head over long hours of forced downtime.

He thumbed his throat mike. “Jacobus. Report.” He listened to his team members repeat the details
they’d laid out fifteen minutes ago. It was easy to concentrate during the reports, but once they all lapsed into silence again, his mind drifted back to the last time he saw Amber. Her flippy little red skirt revealing her gorgeous legs. Creamy cleavage flashing at him every time she set a baby on his knee. Her laughter, the love in her eyes, the way she went all serious when he pulled her down into his lap. Her warm mouth opening for him, her hands clutching the thick sleeves of his Santa suit, her throat releasing a quiet moan.

Fuck. He had to stop that. Distraction was a bigger enemy than the tangos in that shack. He was better
than this.

He snorted at the irony. So much time had passed since that goodbye precisely because he was so good at his job. When he returned from his last leave, his commanding officer told him he’d been selected for a black ops mission that required him to go dark. He’d been excited, God help him. Chosen for a joint service team to infiltrate enemy territory and take out a heinous criminal most people back home didn’t even know existed. They’d done so well on that first mission they were released to the jurisdiction of an alphabet soup of “security” agencies and assigned to one task after another. Then the team leader was wounded and sent home, and Kale was promoted. At first, he hadn’t paid attention to how much time had passed, how long he’d gone without talking to Amber or his parents. He was that driven, that involved in their assignments. But then one of the guys mentioned his ex, and it flipped a switch in Kale’s brain.

The shadow agency had selected him and the rest of the team because they were dedicated, skilled
servicemen with no major outside obligations. But that was on paper. None of them were married or had kids, but that didn’t mean they hadn’t left anyone behind.

Too much time had passed. All of them had been here longer than they’d expected. Kale’s original discharge was supposed to go through a year ago, but when he agreed to this transfer, he missed the part where it obligated him to additional time and nullified the letter he’d dropped to resign his commission. After fighting for months, he’d finally gotten them to agree to resubmit his letter so he could go home. After this mission was over.

His watch vibrated. Time to move. One last report to confirm the details. Four men, all armed, plus the
leader. No civilians, children, women. They just needed to clear the way. Kale tasked his ordnance expert with scouting the open land between their hiding place on the bluff and the shack, laid out the plan, and set it in motion.

The stopwatch in his brain ticked off the time as they leapfrogged into position around the outside of
the shack. The tangos’ voices came through the open window, only so much babble to Kale. He pressed his comm deeper into his ear so Stelmat’s translation was clearer. The targets were planning an attack on a nearby village, one friendly to the occupying forces. Exactly the reason Kale’s team had been given to round up this group.

Kale gave the order to move in.

Bodies in motion, controlled, determined. Choreographed by thousands of hours of training and
working together. Then shouts. Short bursts of fire. The tangos on the ground, secured. Stelmat slammed the leader against the wall, his hands already strapped. All according to plan.

Except the leader was…laughing.


Kale shouted an order too late. A trapdoor burst open and two men came out firing before their heads
even cleared the floor. Kale’s men fired back, diving for cover. Everyone was shouting—his team, the tangos, their boss. Kale flipped the table over and braced his arms on its edge, taking careful aim with his sidearm. He fired. One shooter down. He squeezed the trigger again…and the world exploded in a wave of red with golden lights.

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  1. I liked the excerpt since I am wondering what happens to Kale next.

  2. I liked the excerpt since I am wondering what happens to Kale next.

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