26 November 2012

Scavenger Hunt and Blog tour : Hellsbane by Paige Cuccaro (Nook Giveaway + Guest Post)

Thanks to Entangled Publishing for letting me be a part of this tour! I've a giveaway and playlist for you guys :) Read on..

Hellsbane (Hellsbane #1) by Paige Cuccaro.
Audience/Genre : Adult/Urban Fantasy.
Publication : November 20th 2012 by Entangled Select.
Twenty-three-year-old Emma Jane Hellsbane just found out she’s not human—or, at least, not only human. She’s half angel, too, and now Heaven’s got a job for her: round up all the Fallen angels and their red-skinned, horned devil-demon minions and boot their butts back into the abyss. Only problem? The demons and their Fallen masters fight back…and they don’t fight fair.

Luckily for Emma, she can put a stop to the constant threat of having her head hacked off if she figures out which Fallen angel is her father—and then kill him before he kills her. Of course, in the meantime, she’ll have to avoid accidentally seducing her angelic mentor, help an old friend conquer his own Fallen sperm donor, and basically save the world from a cataclysmic divine smack down.

No one said being Heaven’s bounty hunter would be easy. But with a name like Hellsbane, Emma Jane was born for the job.

Hellsbane Playlist

I don’t normally listen to music when I write. If I do I always end up either sit there singing or typing out the lyrics. LOL But I do like to collect mp3’s that help me think about the world I’m creating and the characters that people them. For Hellsbane Everlast put me in the right frame of mind. So here’s a quick list of songs:
Saving Grace
Who Got the Hooch
So Long
Lonely Road
I've Seen Better Days
Black Jesus
Carlos Santana & Everlast - Turn Your Lights On

Commencement (Hellsbane #0) is free on Amazon for the length of the tour. Make sure to get your copy!

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Writing was never a foregone conclusion for me. I once had dreams of being a psychologist, a pediatrician, a school teacher, a photojournalist, a bartender, and/or an EMT. And then I met my husband and my world came into focus. Being wife and mother are my highest priorities and greatest joy. But escaping to the fanciful, sexy worlds twirling through my mind is an absolute necessity. Putting those worlds, and the cornucopia of characters that people them, on paper is just plain fun. ​ Paige lives in Ohio, with her husband, three daughters, three dogs, three cats, a parakeet and a bearded dragon named Rexy, in an ever shrinking house. When she’s not writing she can be found doing the mom thing with a book in one hand and a notepad and pen in the other. Ideas come without warning and the best way to stimulate your imagination is to enjoy the imagination of someone else.

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  1. Thanks for sharing...I wouldn't have heard of this otherwise!

  2. I loooove seeing an authors' playlist! And this one totally rocks! Thanks for sharing Paige. :)

  3. Thanks for being part of the tour. Very nice.

  4. Interesting sounding book. Thanks for the introduction to it.

  5. I'm always amazed at author's song choices. I like this.

  6. Great post! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the awesome giveaway! ;)

  7. Downloaded Commencement and love the playlist, thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  8. in the meantime, she’ll have to avoid accidentally seducing her angelic mentor, help an old friend conquer his own Fallen sperm donor, and basically save the world from a cataclysmic divine smack down.

    Hee Hee. No pressure, now

  9. That was cool to see the playlist. It helps you get a feel for the book. Thanks for hosting!

  10. I know the giveaway's over, but still had to stop and say this cover caught my eye. Sounds great! Thank you.

  11. Hi,

    I stumbled across your blog and really enjoyed your reviews. I am an author (2 novels published) in search of identity and would feel privileged to get reviewed by you.

    I will be happy to send a copy (soft copy or hard copy..Whichever you feel convenient enough) to you. Let me know if you are interested.

    I'd love to hear back from you. You may contact me at ravirenus@gmail.com.

    Best Regards,