18 September 2012

Crazy Love by Nicola Marsh (Excerpt + Giveaway)

Crazy Love by Nicola Marsh.
Audience/Genre : Adult/Romance.
Publication : September 11th, 2012.
All's fair in love...and matchmaking!

Sierra Kent doesn’t do love.
While she embraces the quaintness of her home town Love and delights in matchmaking her clients through her Internet dating agency Love Byte, she doesn’t trust her intuition when it comes to the one emotion that has repeatedly let her down.

City-slick Marc Fairley, CEO of LA's premier acquisition company, doesn’t have time for Love.
From the minute he enters the kitschy town he can’t wait to hotfoot back to LA with his deranged mother in tow.
Instead, he gets roped into the town's Love Fest hoopla, investigates the shady farmer his mom is engaged to, berates his butler for a mad crush on a brash Aussie waitress, and finds himself falling for the brazen red-head who continually baits him.
His life couldn't get any crazier.
Until he discovers in exacting revenge on his father and achieving his lifelong goals, he may lose the one thing he values most...

Can Sierra and Marc create enough sparks to send Love up in flames?
And prove that winning isn’t everything in the love stakes, it’s how you play the game.

Thanks to Nicola Marsh, author of a zillion awesome Romance novels, for letting me host today's giveaway. Here's an excerpt from her latest novel, Crazy Love, followed by an e-book giveaway!

Cupid’s Dating Tips for the Enlightened Male
If she says you’re monogamously challenged, you’re afraid of commitment. Repent now.

Marc struggled to consciousness, wishing the bizarre dream where Sierra was smacking him in the face with a sodden towel would vanish.
As his eyes peeled open he found it wasn’t a dream and the large, wet object slapping his cheek wasn’t a towel.
Instead, he eyeballed a monster, a huge hairy monster, part-dog, part-horse, that persisted in licking his face like he was every doggy ice-cream flavor on the planet rolled into one.
“Rise and shine, Gorgeous. It’s the start of a beeeauuutiful day.”
First the monster dog, now this.
He rubbed a hand over his eyes as a stunning blonde clad in figure-hugging black lycra bike shorts and crop top stood over him, hands on very curvy hips.
“Where the hell am I?” he muttered, sitting bolt upright as the dog started nibbling on his toes.
The blonde, sporting breasts designed to make a man grovel, took a seat opposite. “Don’t play coy with me. Looks like you and Sierra had quite a night.”
Sierra. Evoking her name had memories of last night slamming into consciousness: dinner at the diner, coffee at her place, hundreds of condoms, that mind-blowing kiss, catching up on work and…his mind blanked after that.
Which could only mean one thing. He’d fallen asleep and absolutely nothing had happened, for if he’d had sex with the hot redhead he damn well would’ve remembered.
He tried not to flinch as the dog lost interest in his toes and started sniffing at his shin, sizing up prime bone to gnaw.
“And you are?”
“Very pleased to meet you.”
Marc laughed as he glanced from the blonde to the massive dog that thankfully had lost interest in him as a snack and was now sitting by her side. If he was prone to imagining things he could swear the woman’s tongue was hanging out as much as the mutt’s.
“Who’s your friend?”
The dog barked twice for confirmation.
“Do you and Ripley make a habit of wandering into Sierra’s house this early on a Saturday morning?”
He indicated the funky silver clock on the mantel, which read seven-thirty.
“Early? Around these parts most people have been up for two hours already. You’re a city boy, right?”
“What gave it away?”
She scanned him from head to toe and this time he knew he wasn’t imagining the gleam of interest in her eyes.
“The Armani, the Rolex, the attitude.”
“You know your fashion but you don’t know me, so what’s with the attitude comment?”
“Sierra told me about you.”
Before he could respond to that interesting fact, she said, “What I want to know is why you’re sleeping on the couch. Did her snoring get to you?”
At that moment, Ripley went ballistic and bounded toward the stairs, barking like a thorn had stuck in his Yeti-sized paws.
“’Mornin’, darling.” Sierra bent and wrestled the dog, tugging its ears and wrapping her arms around its neck in some weird ritualistic greeting that signaled mutual affection.
“Thanks for looking after him last night, Belle…” Sierra trailed off as she caught sight of him and Marc leaned back on the couch and crossed his ankles, enjoying the view.
She had long, lean, showgirl legs on full display in the oversized sweatshirt she’d worn to bed. If he’d thought she looked stunning in that black dress last night it had nothing on the form fitting raggedy cotton with ‘Angel’ emblazoned on her chest. Angel indeed…
She appeared shocked to see him but surely she would’ve been listening out last night? What surprised him more was she hadn’t come downstairs and booted his ass out the door the minute he’d nodded off. No way would he have trusted some stranger sleeping on his couch, yet she obviously took the local hospitality thing to extremes.
From the sagging bed he’d glimpsed in his room at the Love Inn when he’d showered before dinner he was eternally grateful.
That didn’t stop him from baiting her a little. It was about time he had her on the back foot rather than the other way around.
“Good morning to you, too. Did you sleep well, darling?”
“What the hell are you doing here?”
She rubbed one foot on top of the other, every bit the recalcitrant school child caught doing something she shouldn’t.
Oh yeah, this would be fun.
“Don’t go all coy on me now.” He patted the space on the couch next to him and flashed a smug smile.
“Why don’t you come sit down? You must be exhausted after last night.”
Her mouth fell open and he glanced across at Belle, chuckling at her goggle-eyed expression as her head swiveled between them as if watching the US Open final.
He lowered his voice to an intimate murmur. “Surely you remember everything?”
“Ripley, attack.”
For a split second he braced for an incoming assault. However, rather than a set of monstrous fangs sinking into his arm, the dog—obvious hers and not busty Belle’s—bounded across the room and started licking him to death. Again.
Sierra shook her head and stalked towards the kitchen. “Traitor.”
“Was it something I said?” he called out to her retreating back. She flipped him the bird.
“Ripley normally hates strangers,” Belle added, “though I guess you’re no stranger now?”
Torn between wanting to follow Sierra into the kitchen to tease her more or sit here and let her stew, the urge to follow won out.
“Nice to meet you, Belle. I’m Marc Fairley and if you’ll excuse me, I think someone wants to warm up her frying pan on my head?”
Belle laughed and stood in one, smooth movement. What was it with this town and stunning women?
“Give her heaps.”
“I intend to.”
He headed for the kitchen, wishing he’d spent the night in bed upstairs with the woman who got his juices flowing more with every passing second.
“Later, babe,” Belle called out. “You too, Gorgeous. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”
“Sure thing.”
He followed the smell of brewing coffee into the kitchen, strangely buoyed at the thought of sharing more time, even only a few minutes over a cup of coffee, with the prickly redhead.
“You still here?” Sierra glared at him as she added milk and sugar to two cups, her eyes chary.
“After last night the least you could offer me is a coffee.”
“Nothing happened last night so quit hassling me.”
She turned her back to pour him a steaming mug of the aromatic brew, giving him opportunity to ogle her legs again. He’d half expected her to dash upstairs and cover up but she had more sass than that. Probably wanted to make him drool, which he was in definite danger of doing if she didn’t turn around shortly.
“How do you know?”
She handed him his coffee, the twitch of a smile tugging at the corners of her lush mouth.
“Because you’re still here. If something had happened between us you would’ve bolted like a fugitive into the night.”
He sipped at the coffee, needing the caffeine hit to sharpen his wits. He needed every advantage when it came to this woman and despite the kiss they’d shared last night she seemed determined to push him away today. She’d been the one to instigate it and now treated him like a leper? Interesting.
“Maybe I wanted to stick around and remind you how good it was?”
The corners of her lush mouth twitched. “Just good? With all the shit you’re shoveling the least you could do is embroider your prowess to magnificent.”
Despite the bite to her words she looked strangely uncomfortable, as if discussing their fictitious sexual encounter had her on edge. “Why are you still here anyway?”
“Fell asleep on the couch last night. Sorry.” He rubbed the crick in his neck, knowing he would’ve been a lot more comfortable sharing the Angel’s bed overnight and wondering what it was about her that had him so wound up.
For a guy who couldn’t wait to leave town he was spending way too much time thinking about how they could burn up the sheets together given half a chance.
Only one solution for it. He needed to get laid. Like yesterday. Yet another reason to high tail it back to LA.
She shrugged and ran her mug under the tap before stacking it on the sideboard. “I figured as much when I didn’t hear you leave last night.”
“You could’ve covered me with a blanket.”
“I could’ve but my hands might’ve slipped and ended up smothering you instead.”
He decided to push his luck. He hadn’t had this much fun the morning-after, even if nothing had happened the night before.
“Does breakfast come with this coffee?”
“If you want to cook it. Though I wouldn’t hang around too long.”
Her eyes gleamed with mischief and he had a sudden urge to cross the kitchen, haul her into his arms and pick up where that kiss left off last night.
“Flo has a habit of dropping in on Saturday mornings and if she finds you here…well, there’s no telling what she might do.”
The thought of another bone rattling backslap from the gargantuan waitress quelled his libido quicker than if she’d doused him in cold water.
“On second thoughts I’m not hungry. Thanks for letting me use your computer and for letting me crash on the couch.”
“No problems. Let yourself out. I need to shower.”
So much for distracting his libido. As soon as she mentioned shower his mind drifted into the gutter again, his imagination conjuring up visions of him joining her under the warm spray, soaping up and getting it on.
He wrenched his mind back to the present with difficulty. In his fantasy, he’d had her pinned against the shower screen and was about to—
“If you ever need my services, don’t hesitate to holler.”
She leaned against the doorjamb, the hem of the cotton T skimming her bare thighs, her naughty expression enough to tempt a saint. By her cheeky grin she knew exactly what he’d been thinking.
“Services?” Was all he managed to say, most of the blood draining from his brain to his other organ that seemed to do all the thinking around her, rendering even the simplest of activities like speaking difficult.
“Yeah, if you need to find your perfect match, drop by the office some time. I’m sure Love Byte can provide exactly what you’re looking for.”
She wiggled her fingers in a saucy wave, blew him a kiss and strutted out of the kitchen.

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USA TODAY bestselling Aussie author Nicola worked as a physiotherapist for thirteen years before she tired of saying "I'm going to write a book one day" and actually did it. She started writing late 2001 and found once she started she couldn't stop!

Nicola currently writes for Harlequin Mills and Boon Romance and Modern Heat/Presents series, has published 32 books and sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Her first mainstream contemporary romance, 'Busted in Bollywood', ('Sex and the City' meets 'Eat, Pray, Love') released from Entangled Publishing December 2011 and will be released as mass market paperback in June 2012. It's a finalist for ROMANTIC BOOK of the YEAR 2012.
Her first romance for Entangled Publishing's Indulgence series, NOT THE MARRYING KIND, released July 2012.
Her first indie pubbed novel, CRAZY LOVE, released September 2012.
Another contemporary romance, FALLING FOR FLYNN, will release with Crimson Romance October 2012.

Her debut Young Adult novel, SORORITY OF THE SUN, a paranormal urban fantasy, will release with Month9Books November 2013.

Also a Waldenbooks and Bookscan bestseller, she has finalled in several awards including the prestigious HOLT (Honoring Outstanding Literary Talent), Booksellers' Best, Golden Quill, Laurel Wreath, More than Magic and won several CataRomance Reviewers' Choice Awards.

Nicola loves the hip, vibrant, cosmopolitan vibe of her home city, Melbourne, where she's set the bulk of her novels, highlighting fabulous cultural and food havens like Acland Street (St. Kilda), Brunswick Street (Fitzroy) and Lygon Street (Carlton).

When she's not writing she's busy raising her two little heroes, sharing fine food with family and friends, cheering on her beloved North Melbourne Kangaroos footy team or her favourite past time, curling up with a good book.

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