14 September 2012

Blog Tour : Crimson Rising (Skyship Academy #2) by Nick James (Excerpt + This or That)

Crimson Rising (Skyship Academy #2) by Nick James.
Audience/Genre : Young Adult/Science Fiction.
Publication : September 8th 2012 by Flux.
Following their dramatic showdown in Seattle, Jesse Fisher and Cassius Stevenson find their world’s been turned inside out. The faculty at Skyship Academy is keeping Jesse a prisoner in his own home, fearful of his influence over Pearls. And Cassius, once a loyal Pearlhound for the Unified Party, has been pushed into hiding, fearful of his government's retaliation.

When Jesse smuggles a mysterious red Pearl onboard the Academy, he sets loose a destructive chain of events, which lead him to a reunion with Cassius and a confrontation with Theo -- a bloodthirsty Pearlhound with a dangerous secret.

But a larger threat looms in the stars. An enemy is gathering, with plans to exterminate the entire human race. And Jesse and Cassius might just be the lynch pins that trigger mankind's destruction.

I'm thrilled to be a part of the blog tour for Crimson Rising by Nick James! I've an excerpt and This or That interview with Nick for you guys so keep reading =)


This or That with Nick James.

Print or E-Books?

Print, though I’m slowly coming around to e-book.

Fantasy or Sci-Fi?

I like a healthy dose of both, particularly when they’re combined, but I guess I lean slightly more towards sci-fi. I love thinking about how our world could be in the near or distant future.

Batman or Spiderman?

This is impossible! You literally picked my two favorite superheroes and the two that I grew up loving. Batman definitely has the better rogues gallery, but I feel such a kinship to Spider-man. In fact, in a lot of ways my two main characters were based on these very different heroes (Jesse = Spider-man & Cassius = Batman).

Sauron or Lord Voldemort?

Lord Voldemort. I’m simply a much bigger Harry Potter fan.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars, but only the original movies. I do love the new Star Trek reboot, though.

Ability to Fly or Ability to go Invisible?

Both would have their advantages, but I think flying would be more useful. I’d love to be able to travel wherever I wanted.

Facebook or Twitter?

I use both, but I think I prefer face book. You can go into more depth.

Mac or PC?

PC. It’s been PC my whole life. I feel that, what they lack in “coolness,” they make up for in flexibility.

Burgers or Pizza?

Burgers, but I don’t eat beef so it would have to be a chicken burger.

Dogs or Cats?

I grew up with cats, but I am definitely much more of a dog person. It just seems that they show their love more freely.

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I grew up in the small island town of Anacortes, Washington, where an active imagination was often a prerequisite for a good time. No shopping malls, no movie theater, etc, etc. My first brush with publishing was in third grade, where we were encouraged to not only write stories, but to publish, bind and present them. I think the teacher got more than she bargained for because I was soon amassing quite a personal library of colored-paper bound sagas.

As a kid, I was a voracious reader of comic books. Of course, they didn’t sell them anywhere in little Anacortes, so it was a thirty-mile drive “off island” to get them. At that age, it wasn’t even about the pictures. It was one hundred percent the stories. I was always attracted to the big drama and dialogue.

I started writing seriously when I entered college. Five “practice” novels later (some weirder than others) and I started querying what was to become Skyship Academy. Then I was lucky enough to find a fantastic publisher in Flux. And next comes the moment when I get to share my debut novel with readers!

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