15 August 2012

Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert

Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert.
Audience/Genre : Adult/Romance.
Publication : July 20th 2012 by Entangled Publishing.
Seducing Mr. Wrong has never felt so right...

Prim and proper art gallery coordinator Elle Walser is no good at seducing men. Heck, she’s been throwing hints at her boss for months, but he’s completely clueless. Desperate to escape her mother’s matchmaking efforts, she comes up with a plan—buy some lingerie and climb into her boss’s bed. The plan goes brilliantly…until she accidentally seduces a sexy stranger instead.

Bad boy nightclub mogul Gabe Schultz just had the best almost-sex of his life. Too bad the smoking hot blonde thought he was his brother and bolted before he could finish what they started. Though her holier-than-thou attitude puts a serious damper on his mood, Gabe’s never been one to give up on something he wants. And he wants Elle. But does a man who lives on the dark side really have a chance with a proper lady?

Elle Walser is not exactly experienced when it comes to men. She hasn't been with a guy in ages; she's crushing on her boss, Nathan, and he has no idea. Finally, Elle's dry spell becomes so bad that even her mother gets desperate and tries to set her up with someone. Determined to change things, Elle comes up with a plan to make Nathan see her differently; she decides to dress up in sexy lingerie and seduce him. Yeah, clearly not a very good or well-thought of plan but that's not the worst of it. Getting confused in the dark, Elle ends up seducing the wrong guy - Nathan's brother Gabe.

I spent the first ten minutes of this book laughing so hard! Talk about an imperfect plan. The book had such a hot, funny and amusing start that I was hooked; things just went up from there.
I found Elle adorable and got embarrassed for her. As for Gabe, ah, he's total hotness. I'm not kidding, he had my heart racing right from the beginning. I'll say this - Katee can create one helluva hero.
Okay, sure, the bad boy and good girl story has been done plenty of times before but with Elle and Gabe, you could feel the chemistry between them! Katee Roberts' witty dialogues and the sizzling chemistry between the characters is perfect for when you're looking for a happy and bold romance; a story that's out of the ordinary.

Overall, Wrong Bed, Right Guy was such a cute read! Not your usual, sweet love story; this has fun written all over it.

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  1. I just love the title. :D
    The book sounds fun. I'll add it to my TBR pile.
    Good Review! :)

  2. OMG sounds completely awesome and really something I would enjoy reading! :) :) Fabulous review! ;) And I so love the title!! :) I'm so gonna read this!! :) :) <3

  3. I love Elle! And how cool that it's funny as well:) It's always a good thing:)

    Great review:)

  4. I have this book on my must buy list, it sounds fun! I love when plans don't quite go how you thought the would. I will be moving this to the top of my to buy list :)

  5. Sounds nice.I loved Seducing Cinderella so I'll give this one a shot most probably :)

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