01 August 2012

Confessionally Yours by Jhoomur Bose

Confessionally Yours by Jhoomur Bose.
Audience/Genre : Adult/Women's Fiction.
Publication : July 15th 2012 by Penguin Books India (Penguin Metro Reads).
Polly is incapable of writing a good article for the newspaper – according to her editor.
Polly can’t have a baby soon enough for her mother-in-law…
Polly is not pretty enough for her husband – who moans about his ex – when they’re having the best sex ever.
Polly is not aggressive enough for her bitching colleagues and friends…
In the midst of all this, Polly has to write an expose on an anonymous blogger who has the entire media talking. Polly has been offered big money to write the story but writing it could cost other people their jobs and Polly her closest friend.
But when things take a drastic turn Polly knows she will need to sort out her life and this story might be her only resort...

"Everybody has sympathy for the martyr; no one was willing to stand by the warrior."

When I read the press release of Confessionally Yours, I was mildly intrigued and requested a review copy; I just finished reading it and I gotta say - Jhoomur Bose's Confessionally Yours exceeded my expectations on every count.

I was sucked into the story from the very first line; believe me, any one would've been. This is one of those novels that leaves you thinking about it for hours, maybe even days, after you've finished reading it; it leaves an impression. On the surface, the story might seem to be about two women and their lives but really, it's about feminism. Polly has always been known as the pushover, although that's probably only because it's true. She's everybody's doormat - her husband barely spends time with her, her mother-in-law puts her down every chance she gets, her boss seems to hate her and even her 'best friend' seems to think she's worthless.
However, there's only so much crap someone can take. Confessionally Yours is about women, specifically, Indian women standing up for themselves.

This has got to be one of the best realistic fiction I've ever read. The writing is sharp, with a humorous touch to it and the characters are so memorable! I'm actually torn between the two ladies, Polly and Virgin Bride. I absolutely adore Polly, sure she's naive but that's what I loved about her; she managed to stay innocent in a corrupt world, despite all the shit she was dealt with.

Jhoomur Bose has created wonderful, strong characters and despite the intense storyline, she has layered it with subtle humour and sarcasm that will keep you glued to the pages. Confessionally Yours is a fantastic debut and I look forward to reading more from Jhoomur!

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  1. Oh my this looks soo good and I don't occasionally read Adult Chick Lit. Only some by like Emily Giffin. That's about it, I think I have to pick this book up.

    Great review.

  2. This book sounds amazing! Adding to my tbr-list. :)