25 July 2012

Summer Book Talk Day 1 : Blogger Talk - BookVille.

It's Day 1 of Summer Book Talk, an event co-hosted by Kindle and Me, Maji Bookshelf and Books of Amber! As promised, we have a ton of fun stuff coming your way the entire week including some awesome giveaways . So make sure you check back the blog every day for the next week! If you're wondering what this event is all about, click here to see the post explaining it all!

My name's Adeeb and I'm a Book Blogger and Book Tuber.
Uncontrollable book lover. Reading is my passion. I don't think I'll ever stop reading.
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Today I have my friend Adeeb from Bookville who is a fellow Book Blogger and BookTuber ! He's a new blogger so if you're interested, show your support and head on over to his blog here! We know that all girls love romance in YA novels, it's what we crave for. However, out of curiousity, I asked Adeeb what guys like and look for in a YA novel. What do they need in a book to make it awesome? Here's what he had to say...

Thanks so much Adeeb, for taking the time to participate in this event!

What do you think? If you're a guy, do you agree with him? Either way, let me know what you look for in a YA book!

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  1. Anjana, you are a genius for having a guy present on this topic! Adeeb, I so enjoyed hearing what you enjoy and dislike when reading YA literature. Great job covering a huge variety of topics!

  2. Great post Anjana! I agree with Cidney, it is interesting to see what's interesting in YA novels from a guy's point of view! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!
    - Farah @MajiBokshelf

  3. For some reason I always like to stare behind at the vlogger's bookshelf! :P

    Adeeb did a really good talk! I agree with just about all his points. xD

  4. Everyone find some moments in the book that make it special for the reader. Such characteristics draw attention to another story.