09 July 2012

Second Chances by Rita Oberlies

Second Chances by Rita Oberlies.
Audience/Genre : Adult/Contemporary Romance.
Publication : May 15th 2012 by Entangled Publishing.
Will the past keep them apart…

High-powered attorney Luke Braden knows that perfection only comes once in a lifetime, and for him it came and went in the form of his college girlfriend, Brenna Morgan. Circumstances beyond his control separated them before, but now that she’s back in Boston, Luke won’t let her slip away again.

…or give them a second chance at love?

For Brenna Morgan, returning home is the very last thing she wants, especially when it means facing the man who once became her salvation—and then dumped her at the first sign of trouble. But Luke is determined to make up for his past mistakes, and Brenna finds herself weakening against him. A decade of deceit lies between them, and he’ll have to fight if he wants to keep his second chance at love.

I've been on a romance roll lately. I can always rely on books like this to make me feel good. Second Chances is pretty much about just that - a second chance. Luke and Brenna share a history; things didn't work out the last time they were together but now that Brenna's back, Luke's determined to win her over.

Second Chances was everything I wanted it to be - hot and cute with flirty, sweet moments. I love stories where people work past whatever issues they have because it's closer to real life than the fairytales that give you the insta-love/happily ever after and this book gave me the real deal.

However, this isn't a story where I found myself emotionally invested in the characters. Reading Luke and Brenna's story, I felt more like an observer just watching what was happening rather than actually caring. Luke is a great guy though and yeah, I was rooting for him but frankly, I wasn't a fan of Brenna. Usually I can empathize with a girl's issues but in Brenna's case, I couldn't see what her appeal was except for their shared past.

If you're looking for a typical romance/feel-good novel, Second Chances is perfect for that. It won't disappoint.

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