12 July 2012

Giveaways and Other Random Stuff (Nook & E-Books).

Hey Guys,

Okay first of all, I'm sorry that I haven't been around lately. I'm not sure how many of you noticed but I haven't been very active with the blog the past few weeks and that was due to a lot of stuff happening in my life.

However, now I'm back and I've decided to make the blog bigger and better than ever! Which means - hell lotta giveaways (which I'm going to try to make international every time), fun blog events, reviews (believe me, there have been SO many ARCs that I haven't been able to read yet) and well, in general everything you'd like to see.

A couple of weeks ago, I had read this book called Sacrifice Of Passion by Misa Ramirez and reviewed it. I really enjoyed it and a few days later, Misa tweeted me a link to her interview on USA Today's HEA Blog where my review was quoted. I realize most people would say that this isn't that big a deal but for me, it was insanely huge. I was so happy that my review was being read, valued and appreciated. Actually, I can't begin to express how happy that made me!

You can check out Misa's interview on USA Today here and my review of Sacrifice of Passion here.

Now to kick this off, I'm having a giveaway. The prize is a bunch of e-books from Entangled Publishing but that's just my personal giveaway (showing my support and all that). Following the Rafflecopter below, there's another Rafflecopter which is Entangled Publishing's very own giveaway of a Nook Simple Touch so make sure you enter that as well as it ends in less than 24 hours =) Anyway happy reading guys!

Giveaway Terms and Conditions :

  • Giveaway is International.
  • Prizes are e-books and they're adult so it's up to you to know whether you can read them or not.
  • Winner has 36 hours to respond or a new one will be picked.
  • Giveaway ends 7/19.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nook Simple Touch Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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