05 April 2012

Fairy Blues (Songs of Magic #2) by J.L. Bryan

Fairy Blues (Songs of Magic #2) by J.L. Bryan.
Audience/Genre : Young Adult/Fantasy.
Publication : January 20th 2012.
With their enchanted instruments charming the crowds, the Assorted Zebras attract interest from record producers, and soon they’re off to cut their first album and music video. Jason and his friends don’t know they’ve just become pawns in a sinister plot by a cabal of evil fairies...

Meanwhile, Aoide and her band pursue a new strategy for regaining their stolen instruments, one that will take them into the most haunted region in Faerie.

Let me re-introduce to you the awesomeness of J.L. Bryan. I've said this before and I'm saying it again, if you haven't read his The Paranormals trilogy yet, you need to get your hands on it, like right now. After that, you need to get your hands on his Songs of Magic series. I came across his books on Amazon randomly last year and loved his writing. You know how among the zillion self-published books available online, there are those very very rare finds that are both exceptional and amazing at the same time? Well, J.L. Bryan's books definitely fall under that category.

So, being the freaky, loyal fan that I am, I read Fairy Metal Thunder (Songs of Magic, #1) as soon as it was published and I loved it! Fairy Blues picks up right where Fairy Metal Thunder ends - The Assorted Zebras are still rocking the magic instruments (now more than ever) and the fairies are still trying to get them back. Jason, however, is left facing the consequences of his fight with the unicorn-dragon.

Fairy Blues is just as fun, humorous and charming as the previous book that makes it insanely hard to put down. We see a lot more of the fairy world as Aiode decides to stop depending on the queen's guards and try to get the instruments back herself with her bandmates. This leads them on a search for banshee wolves - only creatures that're better than unicorns at finding magic. Honestly, I don't even know how the author came up with some of the stuff - he has built an amazing, unique, happy world filled with fairytales and 'magic' ! If someone gave this book to me when I was in middle grade, I swear it would've been my most prized possession!

Jason and Erin are so cute! I loved that all the characters were realistic and believable. The story runs smoothly through out the book, and gets more amusing with each chapter. J.L.Bryan's writing is thoroughly entertaining and I found myself laughing/grinning quite frequently. Grizlemor is still my favorite character - he's freakin' hilarious! Sometimes, Mitch too. I'm actually smiling right now thinking about them.

Songs of Magic is definitely a one-of-a-kind fantasy series and these books make a wonderful, refreshing read not just for middle-graders but anyone with an imaginative mind!

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