19 April 2012

About The Monthly Giveaways

Hey Guys,

I know that most of you'll be expecting my monthly giveaway for May as it's the 20th in a few hours. The thing is, when I hosted my 1,000 follower giveaway, I noticed that I was running out of titles to choose from.
The monthly giveaways, my blog hop giveaways and the ones I randomly have for just one book that I really love all just overlap. I've had 4 giveaways so far that included Insurgent in it and frankly, hosting them stopped feeling fun. When I reached 1,000 followers, I SO wanted to celebrate but I didn't know how to. My birthday's coming up in May, I wanted to have a huge giveaway for that too but I realized I have to pick from the same titles and it's pretty dull.

So, after talking to a lot of other bloggers and a few followers as well, I've decided to stop the monthly giveaways. Don't worry, I still have lots of giveaways planned but now when I reach my blog anniversary or an increase in followers, I have a way to celebrate and it feels exciting and all my followers still get to win loads of books.

I hope you guys are okay with this. I've been thinking about it for weeks. If you, my followers, still prefer the monthly giveaways and don't really care about having a huge giveaway every now and then and a bunch of small giveaways in between, just let me know, either by commenting here or emailing me at vasan.anjana@gmail.com. If a lot/most of you want the monthly giveaways, I'll bring them back, don't worry.

For now, please go on and enter my 1,000 followers giveaway. It's for 3 winners :)

Love you guys. ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. Oooh my birthday's in May too. Anything is cool, Anjana. Don't worry.:)

  2. Do what seem better for you, you are so generous with us that we can't complain after all you are not obligated to do these giveaways so we are grateful for the one you do no matter the form

    all the best

  3. It is your money, your time, and your site. I am cool with your decision. Blogging should be fun for the blogger too.

  4. My birthday is in May too!!!! =D Well I agree with Miki, primrose & Sophia. You are really generous with all of us already & hosting giveaways should be another fun part of blogging not a chore so whatever you decide it's OK for me, as long its keep you happy. Happy bloggers have the coolest blogs ^^