09 March 2012

Review Copy Cleanup - Cuddle Up With a Book Challenge.

Cuddle Up With a Book Challenge

As you guys know, I'm participating in the review copy cleanup event hosting by Books, Biscuits and Tea and Nyx Book Reviews. So, the task this week was to show you guys my favourite reading place. To be honest, I read all over the house but mostly, I try to stick to my room.

I have to warn you though, I'm a neat freak. I keep my stuff organized and uhm, it's pretty boring I guess. Sorry in advance for disappointing you.

My Room and My Bed.
This is where I usually read, Notice the cupboard/doors at the wall next to the bed and also my side table. I'll elaborate on them further below.

The Side table.
So here's where I keep my iPad and Kindle. The past year, I've mostly been reading e-books. However, I've started on physical books again because, let's face it, they just feel right. My Kindle's memory is almost full so I have all my books stored on my iPad. I alternate between them but prefer the kindle because the iPad gives me an insane migraine every time I try to read on it. Also, e-books are so much better for storage. Really.

The Cupboard.
Uhm, so my old book shelf broke under the weight of my books and now I have all my old books stored in boxes in the attic. I used to collect books like crazy until I got my Kindle last year but although I usually read e-books, I started on physical books again in December because, let's face it, the just feel right. I cleared out these shelves and I've stored all the books that I bought/received since Christmas,2011. They're not a lot, I know.

I guess I'm not really sentimental when it comes to my reading space. I just need some peace and quiet, like everyone else. And a bed, probably. lol, now that I'm sure I've bored you with my uninteresting reading space, I'd love to know about yours because I'll bet it's better than mine! Please leave a comment/link so I can check it out :)


  1. Wow, I love how organised your room looks! :o And I agree, I do have a Kindle but it's not the same as physical books. So I still collect books, haha :)

    Here's my favourite reading place :)

  2. Wow, I like people who are neat and organized, I didn't click a pic of my room, coz, it's so messy. I will clear it up someday, I know..someday.. LOL!