22 March 2012

Michelle Zink Needs Your Help!

I came across a post by Kelsey Rae from Reading or Breathing about Michelle Zink's Temptation of Angels. As most of you know, I live in India. Right now, there isn't much I can do or say and as an avid reader and book-lover, I feel useless not being able to do something to help. I'm re-blogging Kelsey's post here and would it would be super cool of you to help! You'll understand what I'm talking about as you read on.


From Reading or Breathing.

by Kelsey Rae.

Hey, guys! I'm writing this post because Michelle Zink, author of the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy and the just released A Temptation of Angels, is in a really tough situation and we are the only ones who can help her. Sooo let me get you caught up...

Earlier last year, we got news that Michelle would be releasing a new book in Spring 2012, which we later found out would be called A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS. And because we all adored her Prophecy series, we immediately began adding it to our Goodreads shelves, begging Penguin for advanced copies when they became available, doodling hearts around every day in March on our calendars knowing that one of those days HAD to be the release day, etc. We waited and waited and waited, and then FINALLY, the day had come. Well, sort of. It was still a few days away, but I couldn't help but look on our computers at work to see how many copies we were going to be getting in on release day. I was already mentally picturing myself shelving them onto the beautiful new arrivals bay by the front door.

HOWEVER, the computer said we were set to get ZERO copies in, and that there were only a few copies in a handful of warehouses across the country. Ohhhh boy did my inner book diva come out. I asked my manager, "Why aren't we getting any of these in?" He said, "I'm not sure...looks like they didn't want us to have any." Now then, I cannot talk badly about my company, nor do I want to, but they are clearly YA amateurs. Do they not realize that the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy is one of the best series ever and sold exceptionally well, and that the author is one of the nicest people on the planet? NEWS FLASH it's one of the best series ever and sold exceptionally well, and Michelle Zink is one of the nicest people on the planet!

Now then. Apparently the issue is that Barnes and Noble isn't fully convinced that A Temptation of Angels is going to be successful, and wants to "test the waters" before they fully stock up on copies. The magic number is two. If just TWO copies are bought/ordered from each Barnes and Noble location...VOILA. You will see this little, gorgeous thing rightfully displayed in your store.

Here's the deal. Today, I ordered two copies from my store. Hopefully that in and of itself will help just a little. If you can show me evidence that you also bought or ordered a copy from Barnes and Noble, either by sending me a picture of your receipt at kelseyrdickson(at)gmail(dot)com with "Temptation Challenge" as the subject or forwarding me a confirmation email, one of the copies will go to YOU. Wait, there's more. Before I send the book to the winner, I will get Michelle to sign and personalize it to you when I see her at Teen Book Con next month. Sound like a deal? Then let's do this thing!

Go HERE to order A Temptation of Angels online, or stop by your local Barnes and Noble! You have until April 6th (to enter my challenge...you can buy the book once a week for the rest of your life if you want to) <3

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