31 March 2012

1000 Followers Giveaway!

I'm SO happy and excited! I started using my blog (actively) in November, 2011 and to have over 1,000 followers within almost 5 months is pretty amazing and I'd like to thank you all for that! Thanks so much for your love, support and interest in my blog, you've no idea how much I appreciate it.

To celebrate, I'm having 3 winners this time, one book for each from the list below. Once again, thank you all for your support and I hope you continue to read/like my blog. Good luck and happy reading! (Note : Some are titles that have not yet released, I will pre-order them for you).

Terms and Conditions :

  • Giveaway ends on 04/30/2012.
  • There will be 3 winners, one book for each.
  • Giveaway is International as long as The Book Depository ships to you.
  • Title must be available for order/pre-order on The Book Depository. (I haven't checked if they are).
  • Winners have 48 hours to respond with their Full Name, Shipping Address and their choice of book or a new winner will be picked.
  • Must be a follower.
  • If you win and wish for a book not given in the list below, it's possible as long as it's YA. Try to stick to the series I've listed though.

Giveaway :

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway!

  2. Wow, thank you for this amazing giveaway and congrats to 1000 Followers!

  3. awesome giveaway...thank you so much..
    and congrats on 1000 follower for you..
    i wish i win..pls pls enter me..hehehe

  4. Congrats on your followers and thanks a lot for this amazing giveaway!

  5. Congrats on getting 1000 followers! That's great!

    And thanks for the chance at the give-a-way!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    -Sonnie @ Lit Girl: Confessions of a Future Librarian

  6. Congrats on all your followers and thanks for this awesome giveaway! :) I hope you get another 1000 even sooner.

  7. One Thousand in five months? That is something! Congratulations!!!!

    Thanks for including us by having the giveaway.

  8. Congrats on the followers!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway too!

  9. Congrats! And thanks for this amazing giveaway! :)

    Best regards, Diana

  10. Congrats on getting 1000 followers! And thank you for this amazing giveaway and making international!!

  11. Congrats! That's an awesome feat. And great Giveaway.

  12. Anjana,this is just great.
    Congrats for 1000 GFC,I wish you to get more thousends,:o)

  13. That is so great on the 1000 followers! I would love to hear how you did it as I've really been trying to improve my blog following for about a year now, and still only have over 300. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

  14. Wohoo
    thank you for this amazing giveaway and congrats to 1000 Followers!

  15. Thank You for the amazing giveaways!

  16. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway!

  17. A thousand followers! Congratulations! Thanks for this awesome giveaway and making it international. Me love it! ^^

  18. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! I love the list of books you offer the winners to choose from. Thanks for making the giveaway international.

    1. I changed my Twitter handle. Here's the new one: @SBBCreviews

  19. Congratulations on 1000 followers! (my secret blogger wish) Really cool that your doing a giveaway for these AMAZING BOOKS! Wish I could win (no real luck), as they say, I'm a starving artist(reader). Thanks 4 the giveaway & hopefully you'll end up with more than 1000 followers.

    Lisseth @read-a-holicz.blogspot.com

  20. Awesome giveaway; & I loved your reviews! Well, the ons I read, jaja. Gooood!

  21. Very nice giveaway dear! :D And congratulation for reach 1000 followers! :) I'm happy to hear that. And by the way, I'm new here:)
    Wish me luck:)


  22. Congrats & thanks for the opportunity :)

  23. What an amazing selection of books you have there (you have great taste)! Thanks so much for the giveaway, and congrats on reaching over 1000 followers!

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