21 January 2012

Discovery at Rosehill by Kathryn Brown

I'm not sure how many of you are aware but I'm an Associate Reader at a website known as Love a Happy Ending. One of the authors, Kathryn Brown, is relaunching her book Discovery at Rosehill soon and I thought you guys might want to check it out.

Although I haven't read it yet, I've heard pretty good things about the book. So here it is!


Finding your dream home is difficult enough, but what if you found it and then discovered it was haunted? Medium Camilla Armstrong is led to the beautiful Rosehill country estate after communication with her deceased grandmother. On first inspection she senses tranquillity within the house; the gentle atmosphere of a Georgian manor that is crying out for new life. But when she moves in, Camilla discovers the house contains a dark secret, one which is to change her life forever.

When The Reverend Marcus Calloway introduces himself to her, a friendship develops and Camilla realises she could at last have found her true love. But all is not what it seems when further spirit contact confirms that Marcus harbours a guilty secret.

Spirit communication, manifestations and an eerie atmosphere all add to Camilla’s new surroundings as she tries hard to decipher mixed messages and a life she never knew existed. An open mind is all she asks for as her relationship with Marcus grows and the secrets of Rosehill are discovered with help from her relatives of a world beyond our own.

Check out an excerpt below!

I fought back the tears as I turned the corner and saw the house standing proud on its hill, sheep grazing in the bottom fields. It was as though time stood still, nothing had changed. There was nowhere I wanted to be more. It drew me in by some kind of magnetic force, wrapping its soul around mine until I had no control.

I sat in my faithful old Land Rover for a while, as I watched the rabbits go about their business, totally oblivious to my presence. The wind rustling through the trees and the birds singing to one another was all I could hear as feelings of affection poured from my soul.

The farm house, a large stone building had an aura of warm colours around its walls. This was my dream come true. Relief and excitement besieged me as I realised that I had finally found the last piece of my jigsaw, the piece I had searched for all my life. I was complete. I was final. I was home.

“Your world you have to discover,” my grandmother said. I looked at her sat beside me and saw tears in her eyes. When she visited I had to listen. I didn’t always agree but she was wise, she spoke with sincerity. I didn’t remember her passing. She often manifested before me, presenting as I would have recognised from her photograph which stood on the fireplace.

I looked longingly at the derelict building in dire need of love. It had a soul; a desire having lived on through hundreds of years. I knew it was where I needed to be. My life would unfold inside these walls as a future of certainty lay before me.

“It’s beautiful,” I said to the energy which occupied the passenger seat beside me. “But I don’t understand why you’ve brought me here.”

“You’re ready to move on, Camilla. You’re in your forties and you’re lonely. I see it in your eyes every time I look at you.” My grandmother knew so much.

“But look at it. It’s derelict. I couldn’t live here.” We both stared at the cluster of buildings. “I was happy in Edinburgh. Why would I want to live so far away from civilisation?”

“You will find more civilisation in this house than you could ever wish to find anywhere else. Believe me, you’re meant to live here. You have so much to learn about your life and it all starts here, at Rosehill.”

I turned to face her as she too, turned to look at me. Her eyes were sparkling, her mouth curled up in a vibrant smile. I could sense the excitement within her heart as she impressed it upon my own.

“Go. Find yourself. Understand that what you have in your life is only a fraction of what is really there. I’ll be by your side; I’ll watch out for you.” She began to fade. I reached out my hand towards where her spirit body had rested in the seat. But as the fabric touched my hands I realised I was once more alone, and a little frightened of the journey which clearly lay ahead.

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  1. Thank you Anjana for showcasing Kathryn's book. It's a lovely feature and a great excerpt! Oh, and not forgetting the trailer--wow! X

  2. And the beautiful haunting music. Love the excerpt, Kathryn, and the Georgian house setting. Great feature :)

  3. I love suspense reads and this one sounds great.

    Thanks for the share!

  4. Great excerpt from Kathryn's atmospheric novel Anjana! I loved reading it too.