23 December 2011

Secret Santa & Giveaways :)

Today was another normal day, or so I thought. I had a shower and came out to find that I had two packages left out for me..! Ok I had NO idea that one of it was from my Secret Santa (from the Goodreads Group Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics) I opened it without realizing I shouldn't. It's LOVELY! I had to Google for a while to find my Secret Santa since her name was different on GoodReads from the one written on the package. But seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH NICOLE! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Here it is! Isn't it so so pretty? A hardcover of 'Daughter of Smoke & Bone' with a bookmark too! With my initial! =D

Not the best picture, I know, sorry. Haven't been taking good care of my iPhone :P ! Not the next package was a prize I won at the November Giveaway of the Chocolate Chunky Munkie Blog So here's a picture of that! (Is this a good way to start the day or what?)

Oh and if that wasn't enough, I reached 200 followers today!!!! 200 in 45 days! How cool is that? All thanks to my Big sis Ana, aka Ananda :), I'm so happy! Best day EVER!


  1. Yay! So glad you loved it!

    LOL I guess I should have marked it Secret Santa! But I am just glad it made it from Tampa, Florida to India on time!

  2. So pleased you got your book prize :D I hope you enjoy reading it!!


  3. What a fun way to begin the morning! Both are books I plan to read very soon. :) Congrats on 200 followers! What have you done to get so many so quickly? My blog is about the same age as yours, and I just passed 50.

    - Jana @ http://thatartsyreadergirl.blogspot.com/

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