22 December 2011

My Picks of 2011!

I've come across some great books this year and I'm listing them here in case some of you want to check them out! A few of the books are well known and you may have already read them, and some of them may also be part of a series (which means you want to check out the first book,trust me). I also tried not to include insanely popular books (like Shadowfever, we all know Barrons = yummy!) but a few books I couldn't resist adding. So here goes! :)

Romance and Chick Lit.

That Boy A Girl Like You
Baby Be MineTales from my Hard Drive
Beautiful DisasterGirl On The Run

Paranormal - Adult & YA.

Blood BoundSecond Grave On The Left
Alexander DeathFairy Metal Thunder


Hope you check them out! Happy Holidays! :)


  1. ooh great list
    love the new layout

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