26 December 2011

Following Polly by Karen BerGreen

Following PollyFollowing Polly by Karen Bergreen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's been so long since I've wanted to give a Chick Lit five stars! If 'Following Polly' doesn't deserve the five stars, I don't know which one does!

Alice Teakle has issues. Sure, she's totally sane, but add a dysfunctional childhood to the picture, it's no surprise that she has developed a not-so-healthy obsession - Stalking.

Alice has recently lost her job for being honest and she's not worried. Probably because she's as fickle as they get but anyway, her mother sends her to therapy, hoping it'd do her some good. Things start looking good till the day Alice runs into Polly, her classmate from Harvard who had it all.

Alice's obsession returns.

Reading about Alice reminded me of an adult version of Mia Thermopolis (from the Princess Diaries) - she was funny, funny, funny! Karen Bergreen had me eating up every word and I was unable to remove my eyes from the pages! Amusing, entertaining and extremely humorous, Alice's priceless!

Humor, Mystery, Love - this book has it all! 'Following Polly' isn't emotional or serious, not really. It is however, a thoroughly enjoyable, light and delightful read! I don't know what more to say except that if you're a happy person who likes a unique character, just go out and get this. You will love it!

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