05 December 2011

Accountable to None by Ashley Fontainne

Accountable to NoneAccountable to None by Ashley Fontainne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was made for Hollywood. Seriously. I can totally picture Angelina Jolie or some other extremely skinny actress playing Audra and winning an Oscar for this.

'Accountable to None' is the story of not one person but over 7-8 different people but it's all focused one, probably the most evil man alive named Olin.
The story begins with Audra crawled in her office hours after being raped and brutally hurt by her boss Olin, whom she met with that night thinking they were going to discuss her promotion to partner at the large Accounting Firm she works at, instead turns out he just wanted to get in her pants (understating it).

The incident left Audra emotionally and physically broken, as she had lost everything while trying to climb the corporate ladder (her friends,family and even her baby), only to be abused and hurt by the company she gave everything to. So, with all the vengeance within her, she decides that she needs her revenge, so she waits, quietly and patiently for five years, without drawing any unwanted attention to herself, to get it.

This is the story of how it all plays out and how Audra gets her retribution.

Honestly, this book blew me away. 'Accountable to None' is not for everyone - it has its dark side, actually, most of it is dark - but me, I like horror stories. From the first page, I swear I couldn't take my eyes off the book. Each of the characters had their own backgrounds explored in depth that made you understand them and hate them within a few pages. 'Accountable to None' was highly suspenseful and felt like going on a fast rollercoaster ride uphill till the moment when it all falls down. Oh, I waited for that moment. I wanted to see Olin crushed. I hated him. He was,to me,

Olin is Lucifer

Ashley's managed to create a brilliant villan, a man full of evil and easy to hate. I found myself invested in Audra's requital.

The end of the book believable, but I do feel Olin deserves much worse. Not just him, all the others at the firm really. I guess I wanted more for a man like Olin and also the others, after five years of plotting. Hence, the 4 stars.

Ashley Fontainne's a natural at suspense/mystery/thrillers and I recommend this book to anyone who likes such genres and don't mind some adult & dark content.

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