04 November 2011

Give me a Fairytale

Give Me, a fairy taleGive Me, a fairy tale by L.K. Rigel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thank God for Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics' Read to Review! I get to read some awesome books from time to time thanks to them (and the authors of course) ! This book had an excellent plot.. It had a bit of everything and managed to mix different paranormal beings into one novel smoothly.
'Give me, a fairytale' kept me guessing the entire time..it had magic,love/lust, a bit of mythology, fae and an intriguing fantasy world set in England! The descriptions were really good and I enjoyed the characters. The contrast in the beginning between Elyse and Diantha's personalities was written really well and they actually had me feeling the emotions that they were going through. The different points of view and the frequent shifts between the past and the present was especially interesting. It was also nice to know parts from both Cade as well as Lillith's POV.
A unique and captivating novel and definitely an enjoyable read!

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