04 November 2011

Five (Elemental Enmity)

Five (Elemental Enmity)Five by Christie Rich

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okay, let me start at the beginning.

Christie Rich has a wonderful way with words. She's descriptive about everything in a way that made reading the book thoroughly enjoyable.
While the story started out unclear, the book kept me curious and got better with every chapter! The plot was really good!
Five's got a fresh take on Fae that got me sucked into Faeresia by the end of it. I TOTALLY loved the parts with Styx! (Funny,Funny, Funny!)

My only problem with this book was that the characters could've been developed better. Not much was said about Rayla's personality (I have to admit, she annoyed me at first but got tolerable as the book progressed). For someone who had a totally normal life, I found the fact that she believed her aunt about the Fae (after one phone call) a little unrealistic.
Also, Cassie and Rayla were supposed to be best friends but from the beginning of the book, they kept fighting and their relationship was a little too hot and cold for them to be best friends.
While the reasons were explained later, I still wasn't convinced that their friendship was genuine. There were just way too many secrets between them and the affection didn't seem real.

I just didn't get Zach & Rayla. I mean, she just met him, she didn't trust him, but he was all over her and she was okay with it. I totally loved Luke! At least, they had some real conversation. He was kind and sensitive (not to mention totally hot!)
I liked that his ego was bruised because he couldn't bond with her..I hope she ends up with him! I really can't stand Zach.

I liked this book. It had a fast-paced and extremely interesting storyline. I would rate it 4 stars if it was edited better and more time was spent in developing the characters and their relationships. Maybe it's just me but I need more interaction to get attached to them. Everything just happened too fast and too much time was wasted on Cassie and Rayla. That being said, Christie Rich is extremely talented writer and has created a unique story with a new take on Fae.. I will definitely pick up the next part when it's out..!

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