29 August 2011

Succubus Revealed!

Succubus Revealed

Yess! It's finally going to be out tomorrow! I really didn't think I would like this series as much as VA..but in someways, it's much better (probably because it's meant for adults).
Seth did get on my nerves most of the time through out the series (especially during the mess with Mattie..I mean, what was that? His midlife crisis, clearly.) and I think Georgina deserves much better. It's probably why I'm secretly hoping that she'd end up with Roman but obviously, that isn't going to happen. I'm curious to find out what the second contract is and how it's even possible considering that Georgina a.k.a. Letha made everyone forget about her.

Anyway not much to write about now, since I haven't read the book yet. Oh but I did read
Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1)

and it was okay, not as great as I thought it would be, but by the end of it, I did want more. I guess it will get better. I'm totally against the Adrian/Jill Bond though. I find it annoying and unnecessary. It means Adrian can't hook up with Sydney, cause Jill would see it. So nothing major is ever really going to happen between them. *sigh* Anyway, waiting for The Golden Lily !