10 July 2011

Black Dagger Brotherhood - Dark Lover.

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I hate giving bad reviews, but really, this book just made me do it! I know there're a lot of fans of BDB out there and no offense, I'm just not one of them.


Someone recommended this book to me because I liked VA. I just got done with this book..I came here to see WHY people liked it. It was a freakin' waste of my time & money.

Vamp meets Girl. Girl gets horny. They have sex. Oh no, God forbid they talk. They have sex the first time they meet. It's not even a natural hook-up. It's a creepy tale where the emotionally compromised vamp feels all these new things like love and jealousy after shagging her. God knows why. There's no flirting, no emotional connection whatsoever and nothing leading up to the 'deed'. I still don't understand where the love & possessiveness came from. I'd understand if the author tried to categorize this book as erotica, but honestly, even the sex wasn't great.

All this wouldn't matter if there was a good story to it. But I got so bored. So SO bored. It's just my opinion but I would just like there to be a REASON for the romance, if there's any real romance at all. The chapters focusing on the relationship between Wrath and Beth just seemed like there was no real flow to it. I didn't feel their emotions grow. There was no smooth transition from one chapter to the next, it was abrupt.

Also, WHAT IS WITH THE CHARACTER NAMES?? Wrath? Rhage? Zsadist? Phury? Oh and I just looked up another one - Vishous. Um, hello? Wordplays? Couldn't she get more creative? Maybe there's a reason for these names, I just haven't bothered finding out. I couldn't finish the book.

I wasted an entire night trying to give it a shot.

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09 July 2011

My First Post!

I've been reading like crazy the past few months. I've always loved books, but ever since I got my Kindle (In Febuary) I've been reading like I can't stop. So I'm starting this blog to write about the books I'm reading and sometimes, other things not related :P.

I'm going to start with something I just read recently. A series actually.

Vampire Academy.BEST.VAMPIRE SERIES.EVER. I know I'm one of the LAST ones to read this series, I just always meant to read them but never actually got around to it. And I was stupid not to. I'm not writing about the story, but rather my what I loved about the book/series. If you want to look it up,read reviews, synopsis etc. here's the link -
Vampire Academy

I've read quite a few vampire novels, heck even quite a few PNR ..I keep going through them hoping to find that one book/series that is so addictive (and this happens rarely)that you can't put it down and this was one of those.I bought the all the parts and read the whole series in about 40 hours. I slept for two :P . When I read the first few chapters of VA, I assumed that the story was about Vasilisa (Lissa) and I was a little disappointed because from the beginning I got attached to Rose. And I'm glad its mostly about her. This is one book with a kick-ass heroine and with not a needy, whiny, co-dependent girl who needs a man to feel like her life is meaningful. It was pretty cool as the story is about not one but two lead characters - Rose Hathaway and Vasilisa Dragomir. Both these girls are so different from each other, yet so perfect together. They're like 2 sides of the same coin. It's got a lot of action and is fast-paced.

The book starts with a high school setting, typical with bitchy girls, gossips, puberty and such, however as we go further into the series, it gets a little darker. You can see the change in the main characters and how they've evolved over the books. And Dimitri, *swoon*. Richelle Mead created an awesome romantic interest for Rose, a guy who balances her out and leads to her growing up. He's the one who grounds her when she's impulsive,upset,angry,crazy, anything! Sure,the books lack in quotes that leaves an impression (I love a good line!), but its got characters who do make up for it instead. Each book makes you want to get to the next one. I liked Twilight.. a lot. I did get over it though..And I have to say, this kicks Twilights ass! Anyone who likes the Trylle Trilogy, Fallen Series, Hunger Games etc. would like this!

Also, nothing's stopping them from having sex. Well, almost nothing. Thank God for that.