19 July 2017

Gybe by Kristi M Turner: Tour & GIveaway

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Gybe by Kristi M Turner.
Audience/Genre: YA Contemporary Fiction.
Publication: August 28th 2016.
Nicole is an 18-year-old, juvenile delinquent who desperately wants to take control of her life but must find a way to overcome her own self-sabotage and a judge who won’t easily let her escape her past. She keeps food on her plate and clothes on her back by stealing. It is far from the life she wants, but she has known little kindness in her life and, therefore, gives little back. When Judge Newton charges her for the first time as an adult, Nicole recognizes a separating path: She can stay on her path to destruction or she can accept the unexpected generosity of the Kutcher family, whose house she is charged with burglarizing.
Child psychologist, Cynthia Kutcher, believes she can help Nicole confront her anger and build back the self-worth she lost when her father abandoned her to a drunken uncle after her mother’s death.
Along the way to building a more valuable life, Nicole meets Keagan, an affluent young man with whom she begins an often overwhelming love affair despite the conflicts their disparate pasts bring.

Reviewed by Kelly.

Gybe means to Alter Course

I really didn’t know what to think about this book at first. There wasn’t any earth shattering secrets or betrayals or any thing that really wow’d me! But I did like the characters. I felt the connection between Nicole and Keagan and that kept me reading and finishing it. The story is really about finding someone who will be there for you and is the perfect match and overcoming your past mistakes.

There is a little extra with the Judge who has seen Nicole since her early teen years. He doesn’t believe she will ever make a good decision and he has now given her a choice and if she doesn’t comply she goes to prison! Well Nicole had recently been to jail and she didn’t want any part of that kind of life. So with the help of the Kutcher’s, she gets an opportunity to get her GED, her driver’s license and get into college. She takes it and runs full force to change her life. She doesn’t trust men. (I wouldn’t either with her past experiences with them) So when Keagan becomes her tutor for her GED, he just knows she is special to him. Nicole finds a spark with him but she isn’t really ready for a relationship. He is very much a gentleman and he is touchy feely, the opposite to her life. But she also soaks up his hugs. They have ups and downs. She also doesn’t feel ready for an intimate relationship with anyone! This is a story of honesty, growing up and finding love and overcoming obstacles of life!

If you like college, overcoming your circumstances, second chances, finding that one person who will be there for you, if not more than one, romance, long distance relationships, growing up, than this might be for you.

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Kristi M Turner lives in Alabama where she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her husband and daughter. She is a lover of music and a Netflix addict. Her favorite place to be is sitting in the sand on a beach, any beach. She is currently working on her second novel starring Bailey and Jay.

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Sale Blitz & Giveaway: Fatal Truth Series by Abbie Roads

We’re so thrilled to share this sale with you! All three books; Race the Darkness, Hunt the Dawn, and Saving Mercy are on sale for 99¢ (reg $6.15).



Series: Fatal Dreams Series, Book 1
Genre: Dark Romantic Thriller

Cursed with a terrible gift...

Criminal investigator Xander Stone doesn't have to question you-he can hear your thoughts. Scarred by lightning, burdened with a power that gives him no peace, Xander struggles to maintain his sanity against the voice that haunts him day and night-the voice of a woman begging him to save her.

A gift that threatens to engulf them

Isleen Walker has long since given up hope of escape from the nightmare of captivity and torture that is draining her life, her mind, and her soul. Except...there is the man in her feverish dreams, the strangely beautiful man who beckons her to freedom and wholeness. And when he comes, if he comes, it will take all their combined fury and faith to overcome a madman bent on fulfilling a deadly prophecy.

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Her gaze locked with his—locked so hard the entire world vanished and all that existed were her and him and his hand feeling the steady beat of her heart. Whatever the fuck she was about to say, he was gonna believe her. She could tell him he was a two-headed, purple squirrel, and he’d go out, find a nut, and climb a tree.

“Xander. I vow to protect you from pain. I vow never to leave you unless you want me to leave. I vow never to hurt you the way Gran hurt your father. Because hurting you would be hurting myself. Your pain is my pain. And my pain is yours. But together we are strong and invincible. Don’t you feel it when we touch? It’s all I can feel. All I want to feel. You and me. Us. Together.”

Her words did more than enter his ears; they melded into him as bone-deep truth. He’d never do anything to hurt her and—damn—he trusted that she wouldn’t hurt him. As sick as it sounded, maybe his faith in her was born from the suffering she’d endured. She understood pain. Understood the depth and damage pain caused in a way few others ever would. That kind of knowledge made her incapable of wounding anyone else.

“Say something. You’re looking at me funny.” Her voice trembled just a bit. He could practically hear her doubting whether she should’ve spoken the words of her heart.

“What you said… Those words…” Christ. He didn’t have experience talking about his feelings. “Everything.”

She cocked her head to the side, questions wrinkling her forehead.

He was screwing this up. “Your words mean everything to me.” He could show her easier than he could tell her. He slid his hands up her neck, framing her face, staring at her, absorbing every detail. “You’re my…” Fearless. He caught himself before he said the word. To base how he felt on a story wasn’t real. She was real. And the emotions warming him were real. “Everything.”

He lowered his mouth to hers. She tasted sweet, of cinnamon and sugar, and for some reason, his heart ached with a fullness of feeling it had never experienced before.

He scooped her up in his arms, cradling her to his chest, his mind flashing back to the day he found her—and to holding her this same way. God, she had weighed so little, had seemed so fragile, but she was strong. Stronger than he’d ever be. Knowing what she’s gone through, what she’d survived—yeah. Strong was too weak a word to describe her.

He carried her up the stairs to his bedroom, his mouth never leaving hers. With a gentleness born of reverence, he settled her on the bed. He broke the kiss to stare at her once more. Her eyes were closed, her face relaxed, her lips deliciously puffy and pink from a good kissing. He fucking loved pink.



Series: Fatal Dreams Series, Book 2 (stand alone)
Genre: Dark Romantic Thriller

Out of darkness and danger…
You can't hide your secrets from Lathan Montgomery-he can read your darkest memories. And while his special abilities are invaluable in the FBI's hunt for a serial killer, he has no way to avoid the pain that brings him. Until he is drawn to courageous, down-on-her-luck Evanee Brown and finds himself able to offer her something he's never offered another human being: himself.

Dawns a unique and powerful love

Nightmares are nothing new to Evanee Brown. But once she meets Lathan, they plummet into the realm of the macabre. Murder victims are reaching from beyond the grave to give Evanee evidence that could help Lathan bring a terrifying killer to justice. Together, they could forge an indomitable partnership to thwart violence, abuse, and death-if they survive the forces that seek to tear them apart.


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While he hauled his motorcycle onto the road, he didn’t look away from her. She stood bereft in the middle of the pavement, staring out over the pasture. Emotions infused the air around her. Shame. Hate. Embarrassment. Sadness. Fear. Desperation.

He recognized that tangled combination of scents. Knew them intimately. Knew the feeling of being hurt and vulnerable and powerless to stop the pain. Knew how memories, like the one he witnessed, had left wounds on her soul and Junior had just ripped off all the scabs.

She was raw, bleeding emotionally in front of him and yet holding it together by a spider’s thread. He could see the effort in the way she stood straight and stiff.

Fury simmered low in his gut. After he got her squared away, maybe he’d pay a visit to Junior. Show the asshole what it felt like to be the victim.

He walked the bike to her. After he straddled the seat, he held out his hand to her. She grabbed him, her grip hungry.

“Climb on up.”

She tossed her leg over the seat, using his hand to balance her weight.

He sat at the same time she did, her body settling against his back.

Holy Jesus. He couldn’t activate the ability to think—his brain short-circuited from her nearness. Everything disappeared but the feeling of her open thighs wrapped around his ass with nothing but a tiny pair of black shorts and his jeans between them.

Her sweet musky scent, almost like honey, but better—way better—folded around him like a celestial pair of wings. The scent of her entered his nose, flowed into his lungs, then out to his extremities, spreading a cooling wave of solace that he wanted to savor, but couldn’t. Not with her perched behind him, waiting for him to drive down the road.

He placed her hand against his stomach, pressed it tightly to him. His abdominal muscles twitched under her touch.

“Hold on.” He let go of her hand and she slid her other arm around his waist. She pressed her front to his back, holding as tightly to his body as she’d held his hand. She was a clingy little thing. Not that he minded. Her touch felt like—what was the word he wanted to use—kismet. Exactly as he’d always imagined a lover’s touch. Two pieces fitting perfectly together.

He kicked the machine in gear, trying to ease it forward instead of his normal burst of speed. She rested her head on his spine, nestling her cheek across the fabric of his shirt before settling.

His heart grew, straining against his chest wall, threatening to come up his throat in a shout of

absolute ecstasy.



Series: Fatal Truth Series, Book 1
Genre: Dark Romantic Thriller

He’s found her at last…

Cain Killion knows himself to be a damaged man. His only redeeming quality? The extrasensory connection to blood that he uses to catch killers. His latest case takes a macabre turn when he discovers a familiar and haunting symbol linking the crime to his horrific past—and the one woman who might understand what it means.

Only to lose her to a nightmare

Mercy Ledger is brave, resilient, beautiful—and in terrible danger. The moment Cain finds her the line between good and evil blurs and the only thing clear to them is that they belong together. Love is the antidote for blood—but is their bond strong enough to overcome the madness that stalks them?


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The rain came down gray and thick as a shroud, blurring his vision of the world. He flipped on the wipers and pulled out of the hospital parking lot onto the road. Fat blobs of smacked the windshield loud as marbles being tossed against the glass. Was that hail? As if it mattered. His car was trashed.

Cain had covered the passenger seat and all Mac’s blood with a blanket he kept in the trunk. Even though his view of all that crimson was blocked, his mind knew it was there and his eyes kept wandering to the blanket, calling up the image of the dark stickiness coating the seat and the floor. All that blood was playing touchy-feely with his sanity. And he wasn’t in the mood for games.

He drove past a gas station, a fast food restaurant, a person walking alongside the road. His foot hit the brake before his brain had a chance to talk him out of it.


Her hair was slicked to her skull, her clothes—his clothes—were sucked to her body, doing a shitty job of hiding her curves. At least the T-shirt she wore was black, not white. He pulled over to the berm and watched her in the rearview mirror.

She stopped walking, stared at the car—knew it was him—but didn’t move. Could he blame her for not wanting to be around him after what he’d said to her? Not really. And yet, he couldn’t leave her alone and walking in the rain with Payne still out there. Not to mention that she didn’t have anyone or anywhere to go.

She still hadn’t moved from her spot. He left the car running, opened his door and got out. The rain slapped him—frigid, bordering on icy, soaking his clothes and dripping in his eyes. The pressure of it hitting the wounds in his bicep and shoulder made him wince. But that was all the attention he’d give to the pain.

“Get in the car.” The words came out harsher than he’d intended.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest, lifted her head, and somehow managed to stare down her nose at him even though she was almost a foot shorter. “No.” She said the word as if it didn’t matter that they were standing in the middle of a downpour.

“Get in the goddamned car.” This time the words came out loud and angry sounding. Like that was going to win her over. What was his problem?

“Fuck you.” She looked miserable—all wet and shivery and yet feisty and taking none of his crap.

He should soften his tone. He should try to be nicer. He should, but his inner asshole seemed attracted to her inner bitch. “Where are you going? No where. You don’t have anywhere to go. You don’t have any money. You don’t have friends.” His voice softened and filled with some emotion he couldn’t name. “You don’t have anyone looking out for you, caring for you, able to help you in a pinch. You got no one.” He sucked in a breath and when he spoke next his voice was soft and pleading. “Except me.”

The moment he finished speaking he wanted to retract every goddamned one of those words he’d spoken. “I’m…Shit…” He ran a hand through his soaking hair. “Goddamn it. I’m a dick. Okay?” He softened his tone. “Now will you please get in the car?”

Her shoulders straightened, her chin lifted, and she walked forward without looking at him. He expecting her to stomp past the car, but she yanked open the passenger door and got in. Seconds passed where he just stood here, getting even more wet, and staring at the back of her head poking above the headrest.

“Now what?” He asked himself. Just what was he going to do with her? Drop her on Dolan? Yes. No. Yes. No. No. No. The last time he tried dropping her on someone she’d almost gotten hurt. If Mac hadn’t been able to keep her safe, he sure as shit wasn’t going to trust Dolan with her.

He got back in car. Every inch of him soaked. He brushed his hair back off his face and wiped the water from his eyes.

She stared out the passenger window, refusing to look at him. He reached over and touched her shoulder. Underneath his hand, her body tensed, then trembled. Shit. Was he scaring her?

He wrenched his hand off her and wanted to use the damned thing to slap himself around a little. Maybe then he’d get it through his stupid brain that she was fucking frightened of him. Too many words flooded his mind and he didn’t know which ones to say. The I’m-sorry ones. The I-won’t-hurt-you ones. The I’m-an-asshole ones. The I-don’t-know-what-to-do ones.

She turned to him. Rain slicked her cheeks. Or was that tears? Her beautiful eyes were the color of tropical waters—deep and fathomless. He held up his hands in a show of surrender and she flew across the console at him.

He closed his eyes, braced for the blows, but none came.

Instead, slender arms wrapped around him, her hair, cold and wet dripped against his chest, but her cheek over his heart was warm—so warm.

Maybe he’d had a stroke or something because this felt like she was hugging him. And that couldn’t be. Could it? He opened his eyes and looked down at her.

Yep. She was wound tight around the front of him. And suddenly his brain let him feel the total sensation of it. Of being held tight as if he mattered to her. He let his arms fall around her and squeezed, pressing her tighter to him. Damn, this felt good. She felt good. It was oddly comforting to have her clinging on to him so tight.

He closed his eyes and memorized the pressure of her arms around him and the way her hands pressed into his back. The way she felt in his arms, the subtle ripple of her spine and ribs underneath his fingers, the way her skin felt warm against his when every other part of him was cold.

If he’d been given a Stop Time button. This was the moment he would’ve used it. Here, holding her—the gentle lullaby of rain playing in the background—was the only perfect moment of his entire life.

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About Abbie Roads

Abbie Roads is a mental health counselor known for her blunt, honest style of therapy. By night she writes dark, emotional novels always giving her characters the happy ending she wishes for all her clients. SAVING MERCY is the first book in her new Fatal Truth Series of dark, gritty, romantic suspense with a psychological twist.

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14 July 2017

Tour & Giveaway: Enigma (Schrodinger's Consortium #2) by Tonya Kuper

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Enigma (Schrodinger's Consortium #2) by Tonya Kuper.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance.
Publication: July 3rd 2017 by Entangled: Teen.
Worst. Road Trip. Ever.

Escaping with Reid Wentworth should have been fun, but how can I enjoy it when I just (accidentally) killed someone, my mom and brother are in danger, and the Consortium is trying to enslave humanity? (Yeah, they aren’t fooling around.) So feeling something for Reid Wentworth was not part of the plan. Trying to help unite the Resistance against the Consortium means I can’t be distracted by hot boys.

The Resistance secret hideout isn’t exactly the rebel base of my dreams. A traitor there wants me dead, but we have no idea who it is. And with both the Resistance and the Consortium trying to control me, the only one I can trust is Reid. If we’re going to have any chance of protecting my family, controlling my unstable powers, and surviving the clash between the Oculi factions, I’m going to have to catch this traitor. By using myself as bait.

Reviewed by Kelly.

I liked the idea in this world of Pushing and Retracting things in this world. You have to have seen it and know it to really Push it. Some of the people can only Push (make it appear) and some can only Retract (make it disappear) , and there are those few who can do both. Both Reid and Josie are called Anomalies and they can do both. This is the conclusion of their story. So if you haven’t read book one, just know that there are spoilers below from Anomaly!

Josie is a little more different than other Anomalies. She can Force Push, which is kind of like pushing her energy out. It can be deadly. She is learning how to control it here while trying to find the mole who infiltrated the Resistance. The Consortium wants all Anomalies controlled or dead.

Josie’s family are part of the original Resistance members. They are smart. Her mom is kind of super nerdy and doesn’t really show affection and that puts just a little strain on their relationship but Josie’s brother is too young to be part of this world as they don’t inherit their abilities until 17 years of age.

Then there is Reid and Josie’s relationship. They want to be a couple but a trainer and trainee can’t be that way so they keep their relationship a secret but anyone close can see how they feel about each other.

Reid and Josie and several of their closest friends train to help keep their way of life and their lives as well.

The story is told in Reid and Josie’s POV’s. I like that. I get to see their inner thoughts on each other and they are so cute together. I want a Reid!

Because of the ability to make you look like someone else, sometimes Josie would question if it really was Reid when he would be away from her and come back. Because of that, sometimes I questioned their friends in my head, thinking that they were the traitors and it wasn’t really them. That took away some of the fun of the book from me because I was always questioning if it really was them or that they were the mole.

The ending was super fun to see and it left a possibility that maybe someday there could be more to this world!

If you like superheroes, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Physics, forbidden love, betrayals, some violence in a story, lots and lots of action, sweet romance, dystopians, fighting for what’s right, underground living, then this might be for you!

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Tonya Kuper is the author of ANOMALY, the first in the Schrodinger's Consortium Series, a young adult science fiction trilogy, released November 4, 2014 by Entangled Teen. She fell for Young Adult lit while earning her Masters degree in Reading Education. She's a mom to two awesome boys, an alt music junkie, a Star Wars nerd, and in love with Sherlock.

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13 July 2017

Tour & Giveaway: The Capture (Griffin Force #3) by Julie Coulter Bellon

The Capture (Griffin Force #3) by Julie Coulter Bellon.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Romantic Suspense.
Publication: May 28th 2017 by Stone Hall Books.
Julian Bennet, head of Griffin Force, finally finds love with Zaya Altes, but the day he buys her an engagement ring, international terrorist Nazer al-Raimi abducts her. Getting her back consumes him, yet it takes nearly six months to find her. The daring mission to extract her from a hidden prison in Afghanistan is successful, but Zaya has suffered during captivity. Though she’s grateful to Julian for breaking her out, she wants nothing to do with him. Before he can show her how much he still loves her, Nazer finds them and vows revenge. Can Julian keep Zaya safe and still stop Nazer once and for all?

Zaya Altes nearly gave up hope of ever being rescued, but when Griffin Force finally finds her, returning to life is harder than she imagined. While her feelings for Julian are as strong as ever, she feels too broken to recapture what they once had. Instead, Zaya jumps at a chance to trap Nazer, wanting vengeance for what she’s endured. As the final showdown draws near, however, Zaya will have to make an unimaginable choice to let Nazer close to her again. But when a shocking web of betrayal is uncovered in their own ranks, their one chance to capture him is compromised. Julian and Zaya will put everything on the line, but can they survive this ultimate test and finally reach for their chance at happiness?

Reviewed by Kelly.

A book full of action, romance and suspense that will keep you wondering until the very last minute!

I enjoyed this book. I read it all in one intense reading! You are kept on your toes wondering what will happen next! Your mind tries to anticipate the next move but Nazer seems to somehow be one step ahead, so I didn't see a lot coming and I loved that I couldn't guess what would happen next. There are a few twists that you also didn't see coming!

My heart went out to Zaya for all she endured! She was mentally and physically tortured while held captive for 6 months. She all but gave up on rescue from Julian. She was ready to die. But then he did rescue her, but she had a lot of healing to do before she could have a relationship. Julian's heart was ripping in two for her and I as the reader felt it all. Julian went all out to do whatever it took to help her heal and sometimes it made Zaya feel like she still wasn't given choices, like she was as a prisoner and she had flashbacks too.

I loved loved loved the ending!

If you love romantic suspense, reading about torture, counseling, action, terrorists, stories that feel like a rollercoaster, clean reads, stories that have twists you don't see coming and finally being with the one person that makes you whole than this might be for you!

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Julie Coulter Bellon is the author of more than a dozen romantic suspense novels. Her book All Fall Down won the RONE award for Best Suspense and Pocket Full of Posies won a RONE Honorable Mention for Best Suspense.

Julie loves to travel and her favorite cities she's visited so far are probably Athens, Paris, Ottawa, and London. She loves to read, write, teach, watch Castle, Hawaii Five-O, and eat Canadian chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.

Julie offers writing and publishing tips as well as her take on life on her blog ldswritermom.blogspot.com You can also find out about all her upcoming projects at her website juliebellon.com

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12 July 2017

Blitz & Giveaway: Royal Replicas (Royal Replicas) by Michael Pierce

Royal Replicas (Royal Replicas) by Michael Pierce.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian.
Publication: July 11th 2017 by ParousiaSix Press.
"Princess Amelia is dead... and one of you will replace her."

Seventeen-year-old Victoria Sandalwood has served the Duke and Duchess all her life. Over the years, she’s learned to make due with what she has and endure her surrogate father’s awful punishments. She dreams of escape, but never expected it to come in the form of a message from the Queen of Westeria.

Victoria learns that she’s the Queen’s daughter, the younger sister to Princess Amelia, and it’s time to come home and claim her birthright. When she arrives, she discovers she’s not the only one who received the royal message.

Victoria must compete with six other girls to earn the affection of both the Queen and a princely suitor… and to replace the secretly deceased Princess Amelia. If she fails to win the crown, Victoria may just have to fight for her life…

Royal Replicas is the first book in a YA dystopian series. If you enjoy courtly intrigue, heart-pounding adventure, and sweet romance, then you’ll love this captivating story. Perfect for fans of Kiera Cass, Bella Forrest, and Veronica Roth.

“Hey there,” the man said as his thoroughbred stopped before me.
I reached over the fence and stroked the magnificent creature’s muzzle. “Hey there, yourself.”
The rider removed his sunglasses and riding helmet. “You must be Victoria.”
“Good guess,” I said, suddenly recognizing the rider from the hologram message received at the Ramsey estate. “And I presume you’re Prince Byron?”
He didn’t quite look like the clean-cut Prince Byron from the hologram, but it was definitely him. His dark hair fell in all directions creating the perfect mess. Thick stubble covered his face, his eyebrows bold, and his gray eyes smoldering, making him look at home with the brawny riders of the Outlands, not royalty.
“Guilty,” he said. His gaze on me was intense. “I’m not supposed to be here yet. I arrived early and thought I’d get in a little riding before cleaning up. It clears my head.”
“I know what you mean.”
“Do you ride?”
I nodded. “I do, but not today.”
“Oh, but you must join me. I insist.”
I knew I wouldn’t survive if I went out there. “It wouldn’t be proper. I’m dressed for our official introduction later this afternoon.” I held up my shoes dangling from one hand to reinforce my point.
“I can see that. And a very lovely shade of yellow, I might add.”
“Canary,” I said with a smirk, gaining a bit of confidence.
The intensity of his eyes on me only seemed to strengthen. I found myself leaning into the fence like my body was being pulled forward. His boot in the stirrup was only inches away.
“Okay… I do appreciate learning new things. Since I can’t convince you to ride with me, what else interests you, Miss Sandalwood?” Prince Byron asked.
“Do you know what ward I’m from too?”
“The 24th.”
“Did you memorize the basic information on all of us?” I asked.
“I’ve done my homework,” he said with a smile that deepened the dimples in his cheeks, giving him a boyish charm beneath the hard stubble. “We’ll soon see if it was enough.”
“Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise,” said a voice from behind me.
The expression on the Prince’s face had made no indication anyone was approaching until that moment; his gaze left me for the first time since the start of our conversation. I turned and saw Constance ten yards away, approaching fast.
“It seems we have a frontrunner already stealing the Prince away for a little one-on-one time before he’s even scheduled to arrive,” she said, stopping beside me and linking an elbow with mine. “Isn’t my sister super cute in yellow? She’s like a perfect little doll I could set on a shelf and stare upon for hours.”
“Canary,” Prince Byron said, giving me a knowing grin.
“I beg your pardon?” Constance lay her head on my shoulder, staring longingly up at her possible prize.
“The shade of yellow is canary,” he clarified.
“And I see you’re more than an Adonis—knowledgeable, worldly and wise.”
“Not as much as your sister here.”
Constance lifted her head and gave me a sidelong glance, seemingly deciding how to take the comment. She turned her attention back to him. “I also love to ride. Would you like company out there?”
“I wouldn’t want to mess up your dress or your hair or anything else when you’re so perfectly put together,” the Prince said.
“Don’t be silly. I have plenty more dresses in my closet and an assistant to fix any errant strand of hair before our official meet-and-greet. I want to take advantage of all the time we have together. It will go by in the blink of an eye. Would you like a riding partner?”
“I’d love one,” he said.
She offered him her hand and he shook it.
“I’ll meet you at the stables and help you get set up.”
“I’m so excited!” she squealed.
I forcefully took my arm back from the snake beside me.
“It was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Victoria Sandalwood. I’ll see you inside later,” Prince Byron said, strapping on his helmet, sliding on his sunglasses, and riding off toward the stables.
“Yes, you will,” I said, more to myself than him. I should have pushed through the pain and joined him in the field when I had the chance since it literally hurt to watch him ride away.
Constance grabbed my upper arm and gripped it tightly. “Nice try, sweetie. You won’t get him. Why don’t you go back to the house and wait with the rest of the runners-up? The Prince is mine.”

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Michael Pierce is the author of the young adult contemporary fantasy Lorne Family Vault series. He writes fast-paced, character-driven books filled with adventure, mystery, thrills, and a pinch humor and romance to spice things up. The thread that ties all of his books together is the possibility of belief: what you believe becomes your reality.

Michael currently lives in Southern California with his wife, daughter, and two blood-thirsty chiweenies. When he’s not at the computer, he enjoys spending quality time with family, practicing yoga, playing guitar behind closed doors, and listening to as many audiobooks as possible.

To get an email whenever Michael releases a new title, sign up for his VIP newsletter at www.michaelpierceauthor.com.

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